Monday, May 15, 2006

WorldWind 1.3.5 has been released

WorldWind 1.3.5 includes many new features and fixes. What more is there to say?


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is my problem ... but I can't seem to get any layers that use WMSaccessor to load in the latest WorldWind ( this includes images from
the OneEarth add on...
and this compounds with...
WMSInterface which doesnt work with it (I blame this on WMSInterface being non opensource... )

so far I am very unimpressed ..
though the kml support is a promising possibility ... though I couldnt get much to work there either.

Lance Dyas

Terry Pinnell said...

Just discovered World Wind and installed 1.3.5. One of the first things I tried was to load a KML file (made in Goggle Earth Plus). But nothing happens. The file open dialog just closes - and that's it. Same with both KML and KMZ files.

I gather this is a separate 'Add-In' (or 'Plug-in' - I really still don't understand the fine distinction!), because I see Help includes a link 'About KML Importer'. From there I found where I read:
"KMLImporter is included with WorldWind 1.3.4, so there is no need to download or install it."

I cannot yet post this query in the forum at because although I registered I have not yet received an 'authorisation' email. So I hope someone here can put me straight please.

BTW, I had a devil of a job posting this. Is it only possible from IE? From my normal Firefox browser there was no IMAGE visible to validate.

Terry, West Sussex, UK