Saturday, February 04, 2006

KMLImporter support extended

KMLImporter support extended
I've extended KMLImporter placemark with lots of small and not so small features
Most notable are support for folders and icons from disk
This means that you can now simply extract a KMZ file with a tool like WinRAR,
KMLImporter will then be able to find the extracted icons when you load the extracted KML
There have been lots of small fixes regarding styles, so just about any KML with icons should load now
A new version is available at

SideWind progress
First of all I have to 'correct' myself:
SideWind is not being developed by them but by us, meaning me and a friend
(we will also be joined by various others, but we form the main development team)
I admit the posts on this subject were rather inconclusive on this part
There is certainly progress on SW, there's just no coding going on just yet
We are busy planning and investigating though, and I hope there's something to post sometime soon

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