Tuesday, January 31, 2006

KMLImporter plugin

I've spent a few hours moving some of PlaneTracker's code over to a new plugin
and the result is a plugin that can read most .kml files that contain icons
Support for other features such as polygons and network links are on the list
(note that it already supports images that have to be downloaded from the web)

Because I cannot include the default icons GE uses you have to copy those over yourself
Find palette*.png in the GE res dir and copy those over to the empty icons directory
This plugin comes with no sort of warranty at all, so use it at your own risk
Download: http://www.twobeds.com/shockfire/WW-Rel/KMLImporter4.zip


Anonymous said...

Cool importer. Have you looked at trying to import KMZ (KML-Zipped) files?

ShockFire said...

KMZ files are on the todo list
For you can try to extract the .kml file from the .kmz file with a tool like WinRAR or WinZip
This will work fine as long as the .kmz file doesn't contain any additional files

Anonymous said...

Unpacking the KMZ file with WinRAR worked for extracting the KML file, thanks.

The KML file I'm looking at contains more than just icons, it has 3D buildings. You can download it here if you are interested. http://earth.nanaimo.ca/data.html

It looks like the City of Nanaimo has actually given their aerial photos to Google to serve in GE. I was hoping that there was a WMS reference in the KML file that I could use in WorldWind. Guess not.

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