Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Codename for WorldWind game announced

Codename for WorldWind game announced
Not one, but yes... two codenames have been decided for the previously mentioned WorldWind game
The WorldWind game will start off as 'SideWind'
This name is meant for the first version, which will be based on WW 1.3.4 and will probably mainly be a technology test
Later, the game will transition into the WW 1.5 engine, and will then be known as 'SolarWind'
(this because current plans are to feature the entire solar system in the game)
Both names will be shortened to SW to preserve keyboards

PlaneTracker to feature 3D models
Plans are under way to include a mode that shows airplanes in 3D in the next version of PlaneTracker
Since performance may be less than optimal icons will still be available, and there may even be a combination of the two
Though this data isn't available directly, it's possible to figure out the type of aircraft and show an appropriate 3D model accordingly

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