Thursday, January 19, 2006

I've decided to reopen my blog!

I've decided to reopen my blog!
The main content will be about WorldWind, but it's still open for everything I might want to share
For now, I'll start off with some current WorldWind news, and I'll try to post updates as they come along

A beta of PlaneTracker has been released
A test version of PlaneTracker has been released to the public and can be found in this forum post:
This is still not resembling a final version, but it's fairly usable and fun so far so it's worth a try
The release is mainly meant to catch bugs, but of course suggestions are welcome as well

Bull_[UK] opens 'Bull's rambles' weblog
At what seems to be an attempt to get WorldWind blogs going, Bull opens up his own blog
As the name suggests, this blog isn't all that formal, thus nicely complementing the add-ons blog
Bull's brand new blog can be found at

Work on WorldWind game started
Even though there's nothing official about this yet, development has quietly started
So far no actual work has been done but the idea is out there so I suspect there will be more news on this subject very soon
The next step will of course be creating a codename for the project so I can actually refer to it